Economical Cold Planing and Asphalt Recycling

Efficiently Repairing Your Asphalt With Cold Planing Method

Shilling Construction provides cold planing as part of their asphalt repair services. The asphalt we remove is crushed and recycled to be used in a new layer of asphalt for another project. This product is called reclaimed asphalt. Call us to schedule a FREE consultation with us for your cold planing and asphalt repair needs.
Cold-planing equipment

Asphalt Problems We Repair With Cold-Planing Equipment

  • Raveling
  • Bleeding
  • Shoulder drop off
  • Rutting
  • Corrugations
  • Shoving
  • Diminished curb reveal heights
  • Removal of deteriorated, stripped, or aged asphalt
  • Poor ride quality caused by swells, bumps, sags, and depressions
  • Potential bonding problems between existing pavement and new HMA overlay
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We use state-of-the-art road and asphalt laying tools and technologies. Call us to ask about our warranty.
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